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The Club was launched in May of 2008 at Woodland Valley Farm.

The idea of a club came about after Merlyn (Paul) and I (Kevin) made a return to air gun shooting in early 2000 for myself and 2004 for Merlyn. We had made visits to various clubs in the area over a period of time but none suited our views and needs. So we took the decision to try and form a club, we knew it would be hard but now realise how hard.

While we had some farms to shoot on for our personnel use none wanted to allow use for a club and this was the first major hurdle to overcome. It soon became apparent that the small holder/farm may be best to visit and outline our plans for a club. The next hurdle was we had permission in a farm but no parking was available in close proximity to the area. After Christmas 2006 we had a breakthrough in Truro for a small wooded area and parking, the discussions were progressing well and costs had been discussed.

We were now getting to the point of launching The Club when disaster struck the land owner died suddenly and everything was put on hold. Now in mid 2006 and nowhere to host a club, it felt bad and the outlook very poor with no future for a club. During the coming months many hours were spent driving and calling on local small holders and farmers but the same answer everywhere, just no luck. Paul and I were at the point of dropping the whole idea when through the forums we got to hear about a new club at Bodmin which we had a look at but not really what we wanted, this club never even got launched.

Early in 2008 we had a break through, while doing pest control on a farm in heavy rain I decided to call it a day soaked through and returning to the car the farmer asked me in for a coffee and dry out well could not refuse. After a discussion he invited us to use his woods and land for the club, now were starting. Our first meeting was in June 2008 where Swampy, Steve, Adrian, Keith, Pete, Paul and I attended.

Over the next few months things progressed with some new members and interested people.
What was very hard was having to set up and take down every meeting while also having to carry the whole equipment 500 – 600 yards each way with Cornish terrain. We lost some of members when another club relocated to near Devoran so we where back to five people which made us wonder if it was a worthwhile venture. But we persevered to move forward with The Club.

One good bit of advice from forums was to launch a Club website, I was quite unsure about this but how wrong to be unsure as nearly all of our current members have found The Club from the website.

In September 2008 while out getting some plants I had the luck to see the granddaughter of the previous farm and was informed that all was now sorted and the family has purchased the farm and said go and have a look at the woods again. Paul and I went out had a look one Friday afternoon and to our total amazement found no work had been carried out for many years. We discussed the pro and cons with the land owners as to the club moving there.

The work to get ready was a very heavy task and took many weekends to complete with only four members who deserve recognition for what they did, Paul(Merlyn), Jon(Swampy), Steve(Sitting Bull) and Adrian(Lone Ranger) and they are also founder club members along with myself.

Paul, Swampy and I cleared the path through the woods ready for the first meeting. Steve and Adrian did an amazing amount of work to get ready for January 2008. The Club has grown from the small and shaky beginnings to where we are now.

December 2008 (it was a cold day)we welcomed Fred and Andy as our first new members at the new site, and as such have helped in The Club development. During the coming months we had a slow but steady enquiry about The Club.

During 2010 we have built a covered firing point for zeroing and plinking, erected a small club hut and placed 32 knock over targets in the woods.

I would like to thank everyone who has dedicated time, effort and money to help get The Club to where we are now. Work is always continuing wither visable or in the back ground to improve The Club.

I hope this has given a brief overview of how we got to where we are now with out boring you.

In April 2018 we were informed that the ground we use had been sold so had to vacate asap. Whilst this had be rumored for the last 2 years we carried on the best we could whilst searching for land.

We thought the club may have to be closed but as luck would have it we have secured a small wooded area near Tresillian. We now have to rebuild as quick as possible in the good weather.

Paul and Louise, Swampy and Nicola, Trisha, Steve C, Adrian and anyone else I have missed.